Imperia Sumok / 箱包帝国

"Imperia Sumok" specializes in trading and production of leather goods. Huge range, available prices, high quality, modern materials and design have already found loyal customers in many Russian cities.

Concept network of "Imperia Sumok" suggests boutique – for service, supermarket – for assortment. Only these high demands towards ourselves allow us to win the competition with local markets and consumer goods marketplaces.

We have more richer range. Not everyone can afford from 3,000 to 6,000 items on the shelves. Deliveries to shops, accompanied by updating of assortment, are being made every week.

We have professional service. Our sellers know everything about goods, and know how they can help customers.

We know almost everything about bags and leather: from choice of raw material and fittings for tailoring to warranty after-sales service.