Kids Shopping

We recently decided to go with kids on shopping, but instead of the usual and already boring mall in this time we chose the Outlet Village Belaya Dacha and no mistake!

Earlier, I had heard about this wonderful place, so decided to take with a camera! And we were lucky with the weather. It is the perfect place where you can combine and walk with children and shopping! just perfect!

Entering the Outlet creates a feeling that you are teleported somewhere in nice European town in the south of Italy or Spain!

Then there are cafes, restaurants and an ice cream stand! For children, even separate large children's playground! And of course, children's shops.

Under the children's brands highlighted a whole street, where a kid can feel like a real grown-up, walking, and choosing whatever he likes 8)

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha - the largest outlet in Russia, and he is the first outlet in Russia :)

Now Outlet Village Belaya Dacha, the largest number of brands - the clothes, shoes, accessories, household goods, appliances. Brands represented as a mass-market and premium luxury.

All brands all year round make special offers, promotions, additional discounts - so there are discounts all year round :)

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Kids Shopping