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  • Chicco

    Today Chicco is a simple and safe solution for daily caring for a child from 0 to 3 years old. In the range of Chicco you will find products for the care of the newborn, for sleeping, feeding and bathing the baby, interesting and bright toys aimed at earlier development. Everything necessary for walking and traveling with the child: a variety of models of wheelchairs and car seats, among which every parent can find the option that suits him. Children's clothes and shoes, differing as a variety of styles, so bright and memorable design, which is so popular with small mods.

  • Gabbiacci

    Gabbiacci’s men’s wear collections are designed and manufactured according to highest standards of quality and style. They created for customers who prefer combination of style and comfort.

    The models are created for connoisseurs of modern fashion trends, who pay great attention to quality.

    Gabbiacci’s collections are building on the principle of total-look and easily allowing to choose image for any occasion.

  • Tissot

    At the core of Tissot's business is a truly Swiss attitude. The company's headquarter and facilities are located in the small town Le Locle, keeping loyalty to its Swiss roots. Tissot watches are made of high quality materials and have excellent design, wide functionality, accuracy and affordable price.

  • Gizia

    Today, "Gizia" is the highest cult of quality, good taste, elegance and style, which combines all the newer trends in clothing.

    Women's clothing of this brand is considered an integral component of comfort and fashion in everyday life.


    NAUMI is a Russian premium brand. It has existed since 2014. Since that time collections of NAUMI premium line, Princess NAUMI children's clothes and Miss NAUMI eco line have been created.

    At the moment, there are more than 200 NAUMI dealers in Russia, the CIS, Ukraine.
    The brand very carefully approaches the issue of choosing the colors of the collections.

  • Milavitsa

    The retail chain Milavitsa offers customers underwear of various models, colors and designs, created for everyday wear, as well as for special events!

    Milavitsa's product range is represented by several brands: Milavitsa, Alisee, Lauma Lingerie.

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