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    NAUMI is a Russian premium brand. It has existed since 2014. Since that time collections of NAUMI premium line, Princess NAUMI children's clothes and Miss NAUMI eco line have been created.

    At the moment, there are more than 200 NAUMI dealers in Russia, the CIS, Ukraine.
    The brand very carefully approaches the issue of choosing the colors of the collections.

  • Milavitsa

    The retail chain Milavitsa offers customers underwear of various models, colors and designs, created for everyday wear, as well as for special events!

    Milavitsa's product range is represented by several brands: Milavitsa, Alisee, Lauma Lingerie.

  • Sunlight

    Sunlight is the first Russian chain of jewelry hypermarkets. In each store there are products of more than 40 manufacturers from 6 countries of the world. Here there are items from gold with diamonds, silver with precious stones, bright enamel, style watches and men accessories. During almost 20 years of our work on jewelry market we give Russian women the joy of making exquisite with diamonds as accessible as possible. Each SL decoration is created in the newest class «А» factory and passes several stages of quality control.

  • Superdry

    Superdry is totally different from other mass market brands in it’s concept. The British workmanship style and Japanese graphics had a big impact on Superdry brand creation in 2003. And as a result there is high quality stylish clothing with handmade prints and emphasis on details.

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