Dirk Bikkembergs

Belgian designer Dirk Bikkembergs is one of the original ‘Antwerp Six’, the group that turned the modern fashion around. Dirk Bikkembergs launched his first collection in 1986, and soon in 1993 the first brand store opened in Paris. Simplicity and versatility, monochrome and avant-garde message are the DNA essence of Dirk Bikkembergs, the brand well-known all over the world.

Now Dirk Bikkembergs is the union between the masculine strength, the Sport motif and impeccable elegance. The designer invests all his original creative spirit into modelling his collections, that is why no one has succeeded to overcome his style.

Over the years the brand has developed a style that combine a couture heritage with a passion for sports, the mix attractive for so many in the world. Unique style, causality, original cut and comfort are the features that gained him wide popularity.

Bikkembergs brand offers clothing, shoes, underwear and accessories manufactured globally. The footwear is easy to recognize, it is lightweight and feels very comfortable, fitting almost for everybody due to universal shoe pad with adjusting fasteners. Many models are unisex.

The designer has a unique unexcelled style and completely devotes himself to clothing and footwear creation. Dirk used to say that he’s married to fashion, and the wedding was a long time ago…