KANZLER / 常务副校长

Gentlemen are not born — they become gentlemen!

Gentlemen are always associated with classic England, with suits and ties, with the films ""Kingsman"", ""James bond"", and now ""Gentlemen"". However, the modern gentleman is not limited only to the impression of clothing, it is a person with a special way of life.

Nobility, aristocracy, gallantry, impeccable manners and unsurpassed style – this is how we imagine a modern gentleman. Every detail is of great importance and must be neat. From the curl of your hair to the tip of your Shoe, everything should look perfect. And although style is an important component, first of all, a gentleman is determined by actions.

When creating a new collection for the Autumn-Winter 20/21 season, the designers of the KANZLER brand were inspired by the image of this very modern gentleman. A gentleman who remains so in any situation, in any circumstances of life.

The new KANZLER collection embodies the best traditions of quality, based on more than 25 years of experience with men's clothing and the most modern technologies. Such as Machine Washable, Nano Tex and Traveller in a costume group, Non Iron in shirts, Wool Cashmere in knitwear, light reflection and heating from Power Bank in jackets, etc.And, of course, in the style of KANZLER, emphasis is placed on details that are unique, original, imbued with chic.

The collection is imbued with special perfection and gloss. We tried to create things so that the image of a man always remains elegant and impeccable. The best thing you could think of for a modern man is in the autumn – winter collection from KANZLER.