Cinnabon is a world—famous brand of the most delicious cinnamon buns! The freshness, aroma and mouth-watering appearance of our pastries cause constant delight among people of all ages in 52 countries of the world!

According to the publication "Expansion Magazine" buns "Cinnabon"  is included in the list of the 50 main pleasures of the life.

The recipe of making Cinnabon buns is kept in the strictest secret, and the best confectioners and technologists worked on its creation in order to bake the most delicious bun, you need to collect unique ingredients from all around the world.

The most fragrant cinnamon of the "Makara" variety is grown especially for "Cinnabon" high in the mountains of Indonesia. Our cinnamon is carefully prepared using a special grinding process at a certain temperature, which allows you to preserve precious essential oils and enhance the sweet aroma and taste.

The secret patented baking mixture makes the dough unsurpassably soft and airy.

Cane sugar from the Caribbean gives the pastry a caramel taste and a bright aroma.

The cream cheese for the glaze is the final touch, making the Cinnabon buns perfect.