Trussardi is defined by a philosophy as the first Italian lifestyle brand, infusing modernity and 
irreverence into timeless elegance. Fueled by joie de vivre, the Trussardi lifestyle is progressive yet 
accessible – always anchored in a strong sense of community and inclusivity, as well as environmental 
and social responsibility.

Founded by Dante Trussardi in 1911, Trussardi began as a leather glove manufacturer in Bergamo.
In the 1970s, Dante’s grandson Nicola Trussardi took over the house, and implemented a lifestyle 
vision that made Trussardi’s luxury and elegance accessible to all.
He chose the Italian greyhound to symbolize Trussardi and expanded the collection into other leather 
goods and accessories, as well as ready-to-wear clothing. The collection included belts, shoes, 
suitcases, and wallets.Nicola Trussardi defined a Trussardi culture rooted in innovation, democracy and inclusivity. The 
house staged fashion shows in the Duomo and Stazione Centrale, inviting the public to attend what 
was then considered an exclusive experience for a select few.From the 1970s through the 1990s, the house played across lifestyle territories, collaborations, 
immersive brand experiences and inclusivity – all philosophies that merged in the establishment of 
the Palazzo Trussardi alla Scala in Milan in 1996, one of the first concept stores in the world, which 
now houses the Trussardi headquarter.

Today, the house continues to build on its Italian lifestyle heritage and its inherent spirit of iconoclasm 
and innovation.

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