Back to school

Back to school

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 569

Do you feel electrical discharges in the air? That's the tension of parents getting their children ready for the new school year.

For Shurochka and me, this fall will also be the first school year, as my grown daughter will finally go to kindergarten.

Last week we came to Outlet Village Belaya Dacha to see if we could upgrade our closet by September 1. Anticipating the fact, we have successfully accomplished the task and found a lot of cool stuff at very attractive prices.

So, the first bow we put together was more formal. Perhaps this is the look I could have worn to the September lineup, well, or in my case, would have seen the baby off to her first daycare, and gone about my business. (I mean for a manicure :)

For myself I chose a Max&Co dress at Bosco, and for Shurochka we found a great cotton white shirt and a navy blue sundress with a lacquered strap at the Magic Childhood store for kids. By the way, I really liked this store for its discount promotions and variety of styles - in addition to more formal things, we found there also stylish casual clothes and holiday clothes for special occasions.

I would also like to mention very responsive consultants who were lightning quick to help us find the right sizes and colors. I must honestly admit that I really like discounts, but I do not always have the patience to find something worthwhile because of the large number of clothes, hung in a completely ignorant way (sometimes I even think that the staff purposely make such a chaos, so that I panicked and quickly grabbed something and ran away), but here the navigation and hospitality of consultants was at its best, which surprised and pleased me very much.

The good news was that many stores now have special offers for the beginning of the school year, which can save quite a bit. Among the children's stores I also found Gulliver, Tommy Hilfiger Kids, Beba Kids, Silver Spoon, and SweetBerry.

In Outlet Village Belaya Dacha it is a pleasure not only to shop, but also to stop for a cup of coffee. In this cafe (I think you can easily find it) we took a short break amidst the realm of shopping and discounts.

One of the most important things a little person entering the path of education will undoubtedly need is a backpack. In our case, it will only hold a pair of Barbies and not War and Peace for now, so we opted for a small but comfortable satchel with our favorite Ponies at Outlet Toys.

Our second outfit was more relaxed. In this outfit I would probably go for a walk on a day off - to the playground, the store, and to an ice cream shop.

As a big denim fan I couldn't pass by the black shorts by JBrand and the softest sweater by Michael Kors with animalistic print in Bosco. I decided to dilute the understated colors of clothes with a bright spot in the form of Furla bag, which I found at a discount in the eponymous store.

For Shurochka, we chose a white polo shirt from Tommy Hilfiger Kids, as well as a fun fringed skirt from the Magic of Childhood store.

By the way, there are two playgrounds in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha, one of which is a playroom, which will be useful in bad weather or during the cold season. The child can also be left there under the care of an educator. At the time of the shoot the weather was amazing, so we couldn't deny ourselves the pleasure of falling into childhood on the playground under the blue sky.

My third look turned out to be very bright, comfortable and at the same time relaxed and casual. I would wear this look to lunch with my girlfriends or some summer festival, replacing heels with comfortable sneakers, and throwing my favorite leather jacket on top.

culottes are now at the peak of fashion, so it would be just a crime to pass by these bright red Kenzo with bird print. The top we chose was quite simple - a T-shirt by Mango from the brand's eponymous store blended perfectly with the city image.

I would like to warn everyone who is going to visit Outlet Village Belaya Dacha that this place is great not only for shopping, but also for photo sessions - beautiful architecture, cafe verandas with a foreign flavor, bright flowerbeds, numerous installations and fountains will do their job and be a stunning backdrop. So my advice to you is to bring your cameras with you.

To conclude my short report, I would say that Outlet Village Belaya Dacha is great for family shopping and spending time - in a quite calm and relaxed atmosphere we went shopping, had coffee and dinner, ran in the fountains, drank lemonades in the shade of palm trees and left satisfied only in the evening.

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