Beautiful dishes are like beautiful foodа

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 879

It's a way of personifying the hostess in the kitchen, an embodiment of her taste, style and mood. For those who love to cook or set up attractive breakfasts, "kitchen" shopping is just as enjoyable as food shopping.

Ware is plentiful, eyes diverge and even the most elegant plates and saucers get lost in the abundance. I have a large number of kitchen utensils at home. Sometimes there is nowhere to put it. I buy it. My husband buys them. I can take one, I can take two different ones. But only the ones that come to my heart's content. I don't take a set. I mix what I have. Eclectic.

You don't have to buy everything from a new collection. You can always find something interesting. Mix it up. Choose combinations that will be relevant both for the holiday table and for everyday life. But casual does not mean boring. Sometimes the one plate you serve breakfast in can be an excuse to feel good in the morning.

Last week I took a drive to the Belaya Dacha outlet. I had enough of two hours to have a quick look at the stores with dishes. There are not a lot of them, but the main thing is not the quantity, but the quality. Originally I wanted to make a mix of autumn colors. But, as always, everything did not go according to plan. I made a chaotic selection according to my mood. There was plenty to choose from.

In the store of famous French tableware Le Creuset discounts are about 45%. Prices are lower than in the flagship stores. Not for all colors, of course, but the favorite shade of almond can be combined with turquoise. The combination is suitable for winter freshness. By November, you can pull frozen berries out of the freezer and bake some kramble in beautiful cocotte pots. Ceramic pots are heavy, but are considered environmentally friendly and safe for health. All thanks to a special enamel coating, which gives a bright color to the product and at the same time protects the cast iron from water and food acids. In these days, when as many as possible inhabitants of the planet seek to consume consciously, this is a big plus.

A find for lovers of atmospheric tableware - LE Home. Just the case when you want to take every plate home and make it a part of your life. And the store itself looks so that unknowingly you sit on a chair and all you dream about is a cup of aromatic tea. An abode of warmth and coziness.

My favorites were the deep plates. I took two different ones. I couldn't decide on a color. I couldn't and didn't want to. Again, a shade of sweet almond and turquoise.

Photogenic and versatile. Both morning porridges and warm evening soups look good in them. Both bright fruit salads and compositions of vegetables and herbs. Rich and delicious!

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