Nastya Verajeti: It's beautiful in the winter too

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 517

Hi all! I've been asked more and more often about how to look "fashionable" and "casual" in the winter and cold season without wearing Peter's colors (and even in layering). For true connoisseurs of fashion (in a good sense of the word) this phenomenon should certainly be a challenge. Do you agree? My opinion: It is possible to look beautiful in winter. Why? Because it is beautiful in winter, too!

So, let me show you the cards. More precisely, I will open the deck! Place: Outlet Village Belaya Dacha. Moscow. 

Key indicators: pleasant prices and discounts up to 70% all year round. Result of the visit: infinite happiness for you and your closet. Luxury brands stop "biting" and become quite inexpensive, which is especially important to me as a student. So, I picked up a few bows that consist of brands we know from around the world. The first image, for example, is perfect for a walk and meeting with friends. A bright sweater paired with a delicate fur coat will allow you not to get cold and look stylish at the same time. 

Fur coat: Patrizia Pepe
Sweater: Pinko

The second image is very versatile: in it you can become the queen of the evening in Simachev or impress your young man with exquisite taste. Shiny skirt, red coat and green sweater perfectly complement each other. 

Shirt and skirt: Pinko 
Sweater: Moncler 
Bag: Furla
Lollipop: Outlet Village Belaya Dacha (they also have delicious gingerbread). 

The third image: even if you are a schoolgirl, student or office lady - do not be afraid of the strict dress code - you can always find a loophole in it! For example, this fluffy sweater combined with an elegant white collar will allow you to make the image of a diligent student interesting and bright. 

Now I have shown you briefly enough by my own example how I make my winter "fashionable. Whether or not it is useful is not up to me to decide, but one thing is for sure here: the ringing heels of my beloved Belaya Dacha discount. Take it from me and get dressed up! Why? Because it's beautiful in winter, too! 

Winter Sale with discounts of up to 80% on Bosco, Calvin Klein, New Balance, Coccinelle, etc. is to be held till the end of February. 

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha is open from 10:00 to 22:00 daily and is located at 8, Novoryazanskoye highway. You can get detailed information about stores and events on the site of the outlet.

Have a nice shopping!)

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