Fall Shopping

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 451

Good fall morning! I promised you that we would see each other more often, and today is the time to tell you about the new things in my closet. I am of course still hoping to snatch the last warm days, but all the lighter items are already tucked deep into the closet, making room for fall updates.

Last weekend I hunted for them in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha. Surprisingly, being an avid shopaholic, for some reason I was there for the first time. And for a good reason! In this outlet you can not only buy an iconic Furla Metropolis bag or a new Guess skinny with a discount up to 70%, but also take a walk through the cozy streets and drink a cup of coffee on the terrace of a numerous café. We can read a lot about how wonderful it is there, but it's better to come and see for yourself. In the meantime, let's move on to my shopping.

Not a single my walk in the stores is not without buying new denim, and this time I could not pass by a denim jacket with patches. Disney heroes will not leave any girl indifferent - I'm sure you're already on your way for such) Not only that the jeans jacket meets all the latest trends, it is also incredibly warm, and in combination with a bright sweatshirt will warm you up to December.

Jacket: Au jour le jour / Podium Market
Sweatshirt: Natasha Zinko / Podium Market

Velvet clothes this season can be seen on all the major fashionistas of the world. Some choose only accessories, and the most daring ones make velvet tote-blouses. In the outlet I found stylish leggings, which look great with a warm poncho. But even despite the velvet accent, this image would not be complete without a bright detail - for example, a bag. I fell in love with one with an animal print, from Coccinelle collection.

Pants: Paul Smith / Bosco Outlet 
Poncho: Unconventional Cashmere / Bosco Outlet 
Bag: Coccinelle

With the onset of cold weather I completely change the color scheme, and pastel shades are replaced by dirty green and brown, just like a gloomy Moscow weekdays). But even such gloomy colors can look very stylish and winning. This image is my favorite, and I think that's how you can imagine me: with my favorite hat and coat in folk style. Khaki shades are friendly with all materials, but the most win-win is leather. That's why olive colored leather skinnies are my top purchase this season.

Clothing: Stefanel

This trip to the outlet will not be the last one, because the season of discounts up to 70% lasts all year round. How can you resist, especially in your favorite Calvin Klein, No one, Levi's and Bosco? Now, when all the secrets are revealed, I hope to see you on the streets of the outlet.

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha is open from 10:00 to 22:00 daily and is located at 8, Novolazanskoye highway. More information about stores and special offers can be found on the site. Have a nice shopping!

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