Family values: Cosmopolitan fashion editor Marta Vandysh and her son Vasya

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By the time he is ten years old, Vasya knows more about fashion than the 11th graders at his school. Vasya's mother is one of the most famous fashion editors in Russia. Shooting in glossy magazines and fashion projects did not affect Vasya's childhood - for him they are an opportunity to discuss with a photographer the pug Moti's upbringing, to tell the waiters at the cafe that his mother makes the perfect porridge, and, on occasion, to tell the salesmen how to get around the laws of children's school uniforms - we overheard them assembling the perfect fall and winter closet for a young gentleman at OutletVillage Belaya Dacha.

Our meeting with Martha and Vasya began in the afternoon, on weekdays, right after school. "Half my classes were canceled, so it wasn't a particularly hard day. Yes, I'll tell you right away, I like to put my shirt and sweater together. And actually, I'm really hungry!" Resolved! Our first stop was a candy store.

At the age of six, Vasya tried his hand at modeling for the first time. During the filming we made sure that the young hero can give many professionals a head start - the charismatic boy has no lack of naturalness! However, the same sense of style - Vasya is firmly convinced that even the simplest things can be worn in different ways. Well, let's check it out!

We met him in front of the outlet to put together perfect fall and winter closet for Vasya. Such a task is difficult even for a stylist, and dressing a child is, in fact, the ultimate math for a third grader. But if you follow the simple principles, putting together a set is not difficult.

After replenishing our energy reserves with blueberry cupcake and hot tea (necessarily with raspberries!), Vasily taught us a lesson in the discipline of "style rules. Martha and her son raided the streets of the outlet filled with children's stores, where you can find things for every taste and wallet - MonnaLisa, TommyHilfigerKids, Benetton, BEBAKIDS, SweetBerry and many others - and returned with great results.

Vasya demonstrated two looks in which you can confidently go to school, to a friend's birthday party, or even to your grandmother's house for the most delicious homemade pies. Scuffed jeans, the centerpiece of the look, are instantly transformative. A hoodie and a soft cropped coat - a tribute to layering, which will not let you get cold in the coldest day, a hat with a pompon (so your mother did not worry) - a perfect mix of sports style and preppy - the first image is ready!

From inveterate tomboy to role model one step - you just need to replace the baggy sweatshirt cardigan large knitting on the buttons. Add warm down jacket - the best protection from the cold - and a bright hat and send a young adventurer to conquer the snowy peaks, even if the nearest of them - a slide in the playground.

Every kid's mom knows that her son's daily supply needs special measures, otherwise how can she carry the most important things with her - Transformers, legos and her favorite book? A roomy, bright red Vans backpack is the perfect solution: it has room for everything a young gentleman needs.

Now, when the images for winter are collected, it's time to fortify yourself with a traditional Czech delicacy - a tube with chocolate paste in colored sprinkles - the most photogenic dessert that can be found in one of the small houses on the territory of Outlet Village Belaya Dacha.

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