Tips for spring shopping in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha from blogger Tatyana Vasilyeva

Tips for spring shopping in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha from blogger Tatyana Vasilyeva

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 574

It doesn't matter if it's snowing outside. Spring is here! It's a season that will take its toll, the cold will be replaced by warmth, and the black blow-up jacket will be replaced by a light coat. Speaking of coats!

Finally I got a chance to go to one of my favorite places for shopping in Moscow (or at least my favorite place) - Outlet Village Belaya Dacha - and get acquainted with new spring and summer specials and at the same time to buy myself and my family presents for March, 8! It is a pity that I live on the opposite side of Moscow, otherwise I would come here more often. It is so cozy and beautiful that you can just come here for a coffee, take a walk, take a picture.... And at the same time to buy Calvin Klein jeans for 4000 rubles or Levi's for 2-3 thousand. 

Today I'm going to tell you about this wonderful place again. I'm going to share with you some nice pictures of the looks I gathered there and, at the end, I'm going to suggest a couple of selections of things that would be a wonderful gift for the upcoming Women's Day! 

So, the first thing you should know about this outlet: the collections are replenished all the time! While I was picking out images for the shoot, a friend bought four pairs of Charles Philip loafers, which were being put on the shelves at the time. And for a ridiculous price (even in rubles). Lucky is lucky :)

Myself I fell in love (completely and irrevocably) in this leather jacket from Hugo Boss. Usually it's considered to be very difficult to find in outlet sizes (like S or M), and XS - even impossible. But no, here she is in size XS (there was also an S on the rack)!

White and brown is one of the most beautiful color combinations. Add a little bit of beige, a little bit of gray, a little bit of black (I'm telling you this as an artist :) - and the look for spring is ready!

Jacket by Hugo Boss;
Furla bag and scarf;
Sweater - Pinko;
Pants - Red Code (multi-brand)

In the second look I decided to show you how you can integrate the Glam Rock trend into your everyday look. The fashion world reacted to David Bowie's death just as violently as the music world, which is why bright suits, shiny materials, extravagant prints and, of course, bright red hair and Ziggy Stardust-style appliques sparkled on the catwalks of the current fashion weeks.

I chose a dress from Iceberg's last collection, which fit perfectly into the Glam Rock concept, and I complemented it with a stunning coat from the "Ostatki Sladki" store assortment. Perfect for our spring! By the way, I liked the outerwear selection at "Ostatki Sladki" the most, and there I found a perfect white coat with a very nice collar, only the size was not mine unfortunately.

Coat - Twenty8Twelve (Ostatki Sladki),
Dress - Iceberg,
Bag - Furla 

Finally, I want to charge you with a spring holiday mood and share the beauty I found in the expanses of the outlet. You couldn't help but notice that this time I paid special attention to Furla bags. For one simple reason - their range is unbelievable! I wanted to take away several of these babies in all colors at once! A separate place in our hearts took the key chains and bracelet from the second picture - a perfect gift for a friend or sister for March 8! 

Shoes - Giuseppe Zanotti (No One);
Handbag - Furla; 
Wallet, lip glosses - Michael Michael Kors;
Plate, vase - Williams and Oliver

I will also mention Michael Kors for their very good selection of accessories and clothing. I know how popular his watches are, so if you were planning to make such a purchase, I recommend you first look into the outlet and see what they offer. Especially for spring and the March holidays, the stores have added to their assortment.

Handbag, Keychains - Furla
Watch, Wallet - Michael Kors
Pendant - Mango

I hope you enjoyed the post and the photos; I hope you got in a spring mood, which I promise to keep up with you with upcoming shoots and posts! Wishing you a great March holiday season and of course, successful spring shopping! Your Tatti :)

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