June 09, 2021

Summer Sale

The most long-awaited event of the shopping season is the opening of the summer sale!

On June 12th we are waiting for you at the first summer festival of Outlet Village Belaya Dacha: live music and DJ set in the evening, the best street food and open bar with exclusive cocktails, gifts for the customers and, of course, the start of the season of the best bargains and great discounts. A great surprise awaits all customers - an exclusive cap with your own design as a gift when buying from 10 000 rubles. Do not miss out!



Старая цена 7 900 Р
Новая цена 4 740 Р


Старая цена 29 900 Р
Новая цена 17 840 Р

Lanvin (ЦУМ Outlet)

Старая цена 37 450 Р
Новая цена 26 200 Р


Старая цена 1 299 Р
Новая цена 899 Р

Loewe (ЦУМ Outlet)

Старая цена 36 250 Р
Новая цена 14 590 Р


Старая цена 3 299 Р
Новая цена 1 999 Р