FiNN FLARE is a well-known women’s wear and men’s wear brand selling clothing and accessories with its own retail chain. It's a European quality brand registered in 1965.

In 1974, the company entered the market of the Soviet Union and launched into business in the country. At that time scarce Finnish FiNN FLARE clothing was sold at the Berezka store chain and the closed section of GUM (State Department Store). In the USSR FiNN FLARE stores were very popular - the first order comprised 100,000 items, and the turnover was counted in millions of Finnish markkas.

Following the latest fashion trends, the company completely changed its marketing strategy in 2000. Brand development and manufacturing contemporary wear became a priority, which helped expand the product line and add new product categories to collections. At the same time FiNN FLARE started operating in the large and promising Russian and CIS market. While FiNN FLARE collections in Finland and Scandinavian countries were sold at large department stores, a decision was made to develop a FiNN FLARE boutique chain for the new markets. In 2003, the first FiNN FLARE store and a Russian design bureau were opened, laying the foundation for a rapid expansion of the Finnish brand in the Russian market. More and more FiNN FLARE stores were opened in all regions of Russia and Kazakhstan.