MAJE (Tara Jarmon, Claudie Pierlot)

MAJE (Tara Jarmon, Claudie Pierlot)

Maje is bohemian chic, sunny and cheerful. Maje style in freedom of expression of femininity with bright models and eye-catching details. Versatile silhouettes that are appropriate for both day and evening.

The boutique also presents the French premium brand TARA JARMON.

Tara Jarmon: "I create vivid images so that a man can easily recognize his beloved on a platform crowded with people."

Tara Jarmon collections are for chic modern women who value elegance and prefer to stand out from the crowd.

Tara Jarmon's style is decidedly feminine and sophisticated. Fantasy is the key word for understanding the brand's DNA.

The collections are always filled with bright colors and vibrant prints, and the models are distinguished by their impeccable fit.

Particular attention is paid to detail and the quality of materials - this is a necessary condition for the creation of exquisite models, thought out to the smallest detail.

No matter how eventful your day is, Tara Jarmon will brighten up every moment of it.