NONCONFORM (Converse, UGG, Dr.Martens, Saucony)

NONCONFORM (Converse, UGG, Dr.Martens, Saucony)

Nonconform unites brands and people who don't follow the rules. The true legends - Dr. Martens, UGG, Converse, Saucony and Havaianas - do not change and have remained relevant for many years.

Workers were the first to wear Dr Martens back in 1960, over time the boots have evolved from utilitarian to a symbol of unity and freedom of expression.

More than 40 years ago an Australian windsurfer brought only 40 pairs of the now familiar boots to the United States. Today the UGG brand is a source of inspiration for the world's top trendsetters.

Saucony is one of the world's oldest athletic footwear brands. In the 1980s, Saucony introduced the Jazz and Shadow models, which instantly became hits.

The iconic Brazilian Havaianas flip-flops are a must-have for bold summer travel.

Everyone knows Converse. 1908, the birth year of the iconic silhouette. Today, sneakers are still a true symbol of street culture.

We offer brands for everyone who is independent enough not to follow the majority.

NCF - the style of your individuality.