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Our creative philosophy reflects a view of femininity that is not a mere aesthetic reworking, but a deeper, closer exploration of the strength, the personality and the unique and instinctive beauty of every woman. We work passionately to produce contemporary, intriguing creations inspired by a glam style and a quintessentially Italian boldness that calls on women to mix and add their personal touch to our pieces, to freely and seductively express their personality and physicality. A clear, distinctive style supported by our research, where the selection of the best material is combined with a painstaking, careful attention to details to produce functional, high quality products that can be worn for any occasion. The design and production of each item are ensured by a co-ordinated, dynamic and ambitious team looking at the future with determination, intuition and, above all, the wish to convey the natural taste for beautiful things. Inspired by a pragmatic, matter-of-fact business vision, our project is deeply rooted in the expertise of Carpi and Italy: a legacy of experience and taste that, season after season, is updated by unusual pieces and accessories to charmingly, powerfully celebrate women’s empowerment. These are our values, and they are irreplaceable: both the symbol and the purpose of our efforts.