ARYA home is the largest chain of salons of textiles for home and interior, sleepwear and décor.

The company started its history more than 30 years ago in Turkey - the world capital of textile industry, the high quality of which has been known since the beginning of XX century.

Today ARYA home is one of the leaders in the production and sale of textiles for home and interior. The products of the brand are created all over the world from high quality materials with the use of innovative technologies, preserving and multiplying consistently high traditional Turkish quality at optimal prices.

The philosophy of ARYA home lies not so much in the things, but in the atmosphere they create. It is a feeling of serenity and peace, a feeling of being protected from all the worries of the outside world. ARYA home allows you to create a warm atmosphere of a cozy home and enjoy quality stylish interior items and warm communication with loved ones in everyday life.

The mission of ARYA home is to create textiles, décor and home furnishings that make every customer happier.