Brusnika is a Russian brand that manufactures clothes for ladies.

We have our own production, that is a unique in Russia. The main strategy of our company is not to save on the final product by buying cheap materials and accessories; it allows us to create a unique product for the Russian market. We employ only the best programmers, technologists, designers, artists, etc.

Production. We produce all our clothes only at our own factory.

The production cycle and organization are focused on producing small batches, but lots of styles - a full range of knitted clothes starting from the super thinnest ones to voluminous, that imitates hand knitting, from a simple to very complicated, designer’s ones.

The factory is equipped in way that allows to produce clothes without relying of the third-party production

7 years ago the first BRUSNIKA store was opened at The Modny Season Mall. At that time we had a small knitting production, and all the production peculiarities and work schemes were tested on that store.

Now to the full range of knitted clothes we added textile garment, that are also produced by our own workshop. It was made due to the needs of a retail store. For the last 7 years, we have opened 15 own and 10 franchised stores and no one of own shops were closed, that indicates that all our efforts and actions for the development of the retail shops are circumspect t and well calculated.

We have also entered the European market on our own, without involving any agencies. At the moment, we have 2 our own stores in GENEVA and ZURICH.