DAMAT | TWEEN is a global chain of men's clothing, footwear and accessories stores from a well-known brand.

Since its foundation in 1986, DAMAT | TWEEN has maintained its position as the market leader in men's clothing.

The brand quickly became one of the most talked about in the world thanks to world class collections created with high technology production and unique design that combines innovation and comfort.

DAMAT | TWEEN collections include a variety of sub-collections relevant to the closet of the man who wants to create his own style from classic to modern, giving elegance and functionality.

The concept of "one style" meets all the needs of a man in all his closet items and at all periods of his life, from suit to shirt, from shoes to bags and from belt to purse.

DAMAT | TWEEN continues to change the habits of menswear creation in more than 500 stores worldwide.


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