LUSIO / 柳济沃

LUSIO / 柳济沃

The history of the brand begins in 2013. LUSIO is dynamically developing and setting new ambitious goals.

The main mission of LUSIO is to translate through fashion the traditional perception of femininity: emphasized figure, elegance, restrained sexuality.

That is why the brand creates comfortable basic clothes, as well as business classics along with refined silhouettes and natural premium fabrics.
You can be yourself and feel harmonious in every moment of life in LUSIO clothes.

Own full-cycle production in Turkey (Istanbul) uses premium natural fabrics such as cashmere, silk, leather, fur, wool, tencel, cotton. The production is strictly controlled for the quality of sewing with the help of the most advanced technology. The whole cycle from the idea and selection of fabric to sewing and steaming seams - all this is carried out by a team of professionals who love their work.

Give yourself the luxury of being a woman and invest in a stylish closet!