VIA MILANO / 通过米兰 (Cromia, Lancaster, Sara Burglar)

VIA MILANO / 通过米兰 (Cromia, Lancaster, Sara Burglar)

Via Milano is a new multi-brand network of exclusive leather goods boutiques from Italy.

Via Milano is a piece of Italy in Moscow, a dazzling world of Italian fashion-design! From a great variety of Italian brands represented on the world fashion-market, we selected the best for you with care and love. Handbags presented in Via Milano boutique are a small masterpiece in your hands designed to enhance magic of feminine charm, attracting admired glances to your look! List of our products: handbags, wallets, belts, umbrellas, gloves, glasses, etc.

An Italian handbag in a wardrobe shows an impeccable taste of its owner. If you need luxury handbags from Italy, they are eagerly waiting for you in our Via Milano boutique!

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