Five Fall Looks at Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 645

What can be more pleasant than crossed out figures of the old cost and the new price with a discount of 50-70 percent on the thing you like?  This question is rhetorical, because a) nothing lifts your spirits like shopping, and b) the opportunity to save money while shopping is practical.

For such practical shopping I don't go to the mall, where you have to look for discounts only during the sale season. But I go to Outlet Village Belaya Dacha, where I can find discounts on brands all year round. Plus you can go there in nice weather with your family and have a nice walk in the territory of the outlet.

The key to successful outlet shopping comes down to a couple of rules, which I will formulate in this post and show you five outfit looks for fall, which I put together in just an hour by walking through my favorite Outlet Village boutiques.

Rule One: Determine an allowable shopping budget and make as precise a list as possible of the items you intend to find and buy. Try not to go beyond what you have planned and don't make chaotic purchases.
I usually make a list according to the wearable trends of the season, trying to think of the bows that can be made out of them.

For example, very relevant this fall:

Maximal long coats, almost to the floor. These options are available at Twin-Set.

Cost: Twin-Set coat 24,143 rub
TwinSet bag 18,070 rub

Also a cool coat found at Pinko.

The image is complemented by another topical item this fall - a sack bag from Furla.

Cost: Coat 33,520 rub
Furla bag 17,990 rub
Patrizia Pepe hat 5 900 rub


The over-sized down jackets (not the fitted versions, which are long outdated).
As a personal tip - I choose a down jacket in the men's department. At Tommi Hilfiger, I found such a cool men's down jacket - I even took a size M to make it really nice and current.

The cost of the down jacket: 13,990 rub.


Lacquered clothes: raincoats, down jackets, skirts, shoes. I show you the example of a lacquered voluminous Moschino down jacket.

Cost: instead of 100 thousand rubles, it will cost you only 30 thousand rubles in the Bosco boutique.


Denim clothes with fur lining: meaning over-sized jackets with faux fur inside, like this one from Pinko.
The version turned out to be warm, because it is supplemented with a coarse knitted wool sweater also from Pinko.

Cost: Jacket 20,500 rub, sweater 13,460 rub.


Faux fur clothes. I made this look less classic and more cheerful by complementing the Pinko fur coat with a sports hat, sweatshirt, and eco-leather pants. It turned out interesting and not boring. This look became my favorite of the five presented. For a classic version, this coat is combined, for example, with a hat and wide wool pants.

Cost: Fur coat Patrizia Pepe 15,700 rub
Hat Patrizia Pepe 2,590 rub

Rule number two: Some people may like to look into every boutique and go through every item in search of a treasure, but not me. I quickly tire of the process. In my opinion, the longer you dig, the more your eye gets "washed", you stop distinguishing what is good and what is bad (unless you are a professional stylist and shopping is your job). So I do not waste my time and energy and go straight to the boutiques: a) favorite brands, b) where there is a vast collection of things, c) things not just discounted, but still relevant things, not crumpled stuff collections of five years ago.

At Outlet Village Belaya Dacha, these are the boutiques:

1) Vital and always topical bags at Coccinelle and Furla - here you can buy almost any model twice cheaper than in other shopping centers. And in view of the fact that the bag should be one of the most expensive items in the image, a good discount on them saves the wallet.

2) Twin-Set, Pinko, Patrizia Pepe clothing brands - the selection of cool things in them is always a joy, as well as their price. The rest in the outlet - at will and on the availability of a particular task.

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