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It has been almost half a year since our last trip to Outlet Village Belaya Dacha - the first time we went there with an important mission of preparing for the school year, and last weekend we went to buy gifts for February 23.

Of course passing by the alluring stores with men's clothing we could not pass by and look in our favorite Bosco Outlet and children's Monnalisa without depriving ourselves of some new clothes. By the way, last year we found there a lot of interesting clothes with discounts up to 80%.

Compared to what it used to be, there are now many more children's stores. Now you can also shop at great prices at Tortine et Chocolat, Brums, Mango, Kanz Kids, B&Gb, Winnie's Seasons and others.

They say all women love fur, even if the woman is only 4 years old and the fur isn't real. Our findings, which left Shurochka absolutely delighted, are a fur coat and vest from Monnalisa, white warm headphones, which are perfect for both warm winter and early spring, loose fitting pants, and something that will come in handy at absolutely any time of year - a cozy sweater from Tommy Hilfiger.

Alexandra: MonnaLisa fur coat, Magya Detstva headphones

У меня же есть две слабости - я жить не могу без серого цвета в гардеробе, а также обожаю всевозможные яркие акценты и орнаменты. Удивительным образом все это соединилось в сером шерстяном пальто Dondup c яркой меховой отделкой, которое, как будто бы просто ждало именно моего приезда.

Поскольку пальто достаточно яркое само по себе и приковывает взгляды окружающих, в тандем к нему я надела достаточно нейтральные вещи - белую блузку и джинсы клеш 7 for all mankind, найденные в ЦУМ Дисконт, а также пудровую шляпу и сумку Furla такого же оттенка. Кстати, в Furla можно найти не только разнообразные сумки, но и кожаные перчатки разных цветов, которые также могут служить ярким акцентом в образе.

Помимо круглогодичных распродаж в Outlet Village Белая Дача, я просто влюблена в оформление этого аутлета! Нам повезло и мы успели на рождественские украшения, хотя я уверена, что в новом сезоне декорации будут не хуже, и мне уже не терпится их скорее увидеть.

На мне: пальто Dondup, джинсы 7 for all mankind, блузка Mango

We would also like to note that new cafes were opened in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha, such as Kokoska Food Room, where we popped in for a little break while hiding from the bad weather outside.

My second find was a gray wool Dondup coat, found in the same Bosco Outlet, which perfectly matched my gray suit with a skirt. I really like the versatility of such things - such a coat can be combined with jeans, as well as with more formal clothes.

I'm wearing: Dondup wool coat, Levis hat
Alexandra: Monnalisa fur vest and pants, Tommy Hilfiger sweater

The third outfit we got completely by accident. I really liked the bright sweater with a floral pattern from Iceberg, found in Bosco Outlet, and then I saw a goatskin coat in Mango with a crazy discount for a fur coat, and realized that this combination fits perfectly into my everyday closet.

We borrowed a Levis hat from the previous image, and the skinny jeans were easy to find in the same Mango.

I'm wearing a Mango coat and jeans, an Iceberg sweater, a Furla purse, and a Levis hat.

But let's return to our main goal, for which we came to the Outlet Village Belaya Dacha - gifts for the Fatherland Defender's Day.

I should say right away that there are a lot of stores with men's clothing here, and I recommend going at once for the whole day. My indisputable favorites are BOSS, Wrangler, New Balance, Henderson, Van Laack, where we found interesting options for gifts.

First, I recommend going to New Balance, where you can find an absolutely versatile gift that any man is sure to love - a variety of sneakers from the brand. In denim Wrangler we saw a plaid shirt and in Bosco Outlet we just could not pass by a Paul Smith shirt with a bright inscription. By the way if you thought at Michael Kors you can buy only women's bags and wallets, that's not true - we found great men's watches with a strap in protective color there. Also don't forget to stop by Calvin Klein for underwear, which is definitely never a waste.

I hope my advice on choosing presents for dear men will make the process of choosing gifts much easier, and when you come to Outlet Village Belaya Dacha you will enjoy your time here as we did.


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