Ekaterina Mezenova in search of clothes for hot days at her favorite shopping destination, Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

Ekaterina Mezenova in search of clothes for hot days at her favorite shopping destination, Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 615

Hello, dear ones! It's been so full of activities and events lately that I have a lot of news and stories to share, but today I'm going to talk about my favorite time of the year and share some lightweight travel smarthacks. I think like everyone else, I love traveling - whether it's a spontaneous trip out of town or a planned trip, but heavy suitcases only spoil the whole mood! So the main secret for travelers is to think about images in advance and choose things that go together easily.

In search of new clothes for hot days I went to my favorite place for shopping - Outlet Village Belaya Dacha. I do not like to waste my time looking for clothes in different shopping centers, so I prefer shopping in the outlet - here the stores are neighbors with cozy cafes, and in general it looks like a small fairy town (with fabulous prices and a huge selection of things and constant discounts) - well, what is not a dream of any girl? Not to mention the fact that the design of the outlet is maximum instagram-friendly: I love the harmonious and stylish backgrounds for photos!

This time I decided to move away from the usual monochrome colors and try something more bright - to match the season! So my choice fell on a casual outfit - a loose T-shirt with bright applique, pastel KENZO jeans in soft lime color and a stylish FURLA handbag in electric blue - contrasting with the overall calm colors. After all, as they say, the devil is in the details: nothing makes an outfit more interesting than even a small but memorable accent!

The next feminine look was created with an unusual Christopher Kane dress, which combines trendy perforations with a cropped multicolored bottom layer and a raspberry Coccinelle bag.

And the last look is inspired by the bohemian 70's: ripped flared jeans (a great alternative to tired skinnies), soft suede buttoned jacket and lace-up shirt - I literally fell in love with this look from MANGO!

If you, like me, prefer not to rush around the city in search of clothes, but to shop at a measured pace, then I advise you to look into Outlet Village Belaya Dacha: it is difficult to leave here without new clothes, especially considering the constant discounts of up to 70%. And now Outlet Village has started a seasonal sale with discounts up to 80% for such brands as Calvin Klein, Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Patrizia Pepe, Ostatki Sladki, No One, TSUM Discount and many others!

Have a great shopping experience and a great summer ;)


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