Private sale in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

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I don't know about you, but about once every six months I have days when the only pleasure I get is shopping. A kind of shop-therapy helps me to unwind a little and lift my spirits. And if such days pass with minimal losses for the family budget, then, as they say, "the wolves are sated and the sheep intact" (well, almost:). (well, almost:). Outlet is a salvation for people like me. This format in this respect is also ideal for all those who have a rational approach to the question of shopping, giving preference to style and not to fashion, which, as you know, is fleeting. The area offers year-round sales, and its selection has grown considerably in recent years. For example, Outlet Village Belaya Dacha, which I wrote about a couple of years ago, is now the largest in Russia. And the brands presented there can easily satisfy both the most modest demands and connoisseurs of unique things. I personally come here several times a year and I always find something interesting for me and my family. And the atmosphere of a beautiful shopping village (before the holidays it is especially colorful and dressy) inspires a pleasant pastime.

From May 18 to 21, Outlet Village Belaya Dacha will host Private Sale, a closed sale with more than 100 brands represented in the shopping village. Additional 20% discount from the outlet's price will be provided in some stores for the whole assortment, and in some shops - for selected items. To use the discount, you must either show your OV Club card at the Information center in the tower on the Main square of the outlet or, if you are not a member yet, fill out a form and get this card there. You will also get a special card which is a kind of a key to get an additional -20% discount. And OV Club card will be useful in any case - it will give you an access to the future sales, which Outlet Village Belaya Dacha periodically announces to its customers.

I was somewhat early to find out the list of stores that participate in the action, and I, of course, did not fail to take advantage of it. I went to study the assortment before the sale, and then came to buy certain items. I confess that this is the first time I don't want to share information with anyone until I've been to the sale myself - I really liked a lot of things. But duty calls, so, as they say, then who gets there first - you or me :)

I'm going to share with you the options of kits that I picked up literally in 5 minutes at the stores participating in the sale. The choice of things is quite large, and, surprisingly, there are almost all sizes.

The image in black and white tones from Twin-Set was a kind of experiment: I usually do not combine contrasting monochrome colors, in order to avoid excessive rigor. In this case it was the cut of the clothes and the stylish details. For example these white jeans are embroidered with sequins which are not noticeable at the first sight, and the jacket has an unusual silhouette and is made of interesting texture which allows using it both for business and party capsule.

Jacket - 14,515 rubles.
Jeans - 16,225 rubles.
Knitted tunic - 7,155 rubles
Sequined top - 9,885 rubles
Handbag - 16,945 rubles
All Twin-Set products

And now you can safely deduct 20% of the cost of each item (just in case you decide to participate in the Private Sale from May 18-21), and voila! Do the math for yourself, but I think it's going to be a great bargain.

In my search for an update to my everyday capsule items, I went to Tommy Hilfiger. The timeless classics - a beige trench coat and a turtleneck (and in this case, an interesting striped sweatshirt) - will be a great investment and, being basic, will serve you well. I complemented the look with an equally versatile beige backpack from Coccinelle (this brand is also participating in the sale, but with a dedicated range). The result is a comfortable set for traveling and walking around the city.

Trenchcoat - 18,790 rubles. (-20%)
Sweatshirt - 69,90 rubles (-20%)
All Tommy Hilfiger

And finally, Mango pleased, first of all, with truly ridiculous prices, and secondly, with the availability of an extensive spring-summer assortment: raincoats, trench coats, demi-season dresses, a large selection of accessories and shoes. I wanted to add a little eclecticism, and I complemented a stylish dress in a retro design with a modern duster of brick color. A suede bag with fringe and glasses were the final details and accents.

Dress - 1,799 rubles. (-20%)
Duster - 1,299 rubles. (-20%)
Handbag - 2,999 rubles (-20%)
Glasses - 799 rubles. (-20%)

As you can see, at Outlet Village Belaya Dacha you can find things for every taste and purse. And I haven't even looked into my favorites CASHEMERE&SILK, Furla (there will be a discount on the whole range, and it is very large!), Pinko and Samsonite!

Once again, I urge you to spend your closet upgrade money wisely and with the right approach. For example, think about creating a capsule closet (I wrote about it recently on instagram @annamidday) and, going to the store, prepare a list of things that are missing, so that among the variety of choices to look for certain silhouettes, colors and styles. And outlet stores, of course, will be a pleasant help in any situation. Have a great fashion hunt!


And finally, I want to show you a short video that we made in support of Private Sale:

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