Spring at Outlet Village Belaya Dacha!

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 438

For a number of seasons now we and Outlet Village Belaya Dacha have been debunking the myth that "it is impossible to buy something good for the season in the outlet stores". Yes, it is possible! It took me a couple of hours to pick for you several spring looks, but how many interesting things remained out of the picture!

I'll start by saying that I'm familiar with the trick of shopping in outlet stores (and I've been introducing it to my readers for a long time). Despite the fact that I live far away from OVBD, I go there regularly, once a season at least. And I have never left without shopping. As a rule, in outlet stores I find basic things - boots, monochrome coats, sweaters, denim jackets, bags; but sometimes I also come across unique items.

On me:
Coat - Bosco, 19,830 rubles
Jacket - Mango, 2,999 rubles
Pants - Mango, 1,299 rubles
Handbag - Furla, ca. Roubles 14,000

This look is definitely one of my favorites this spring. It embraced my whole aesthetic: fresh, minimalistic, feminine and elegant. I can tell you that I was looking for a white coat for spring all winter, eventually found one single option and immediately bought it. I didn't know at the time that the perfect white coat was waiting for me in an outlet store. But at least I realized that from now on I'll start my "key" search here.

My second favorite was the striped jacket by Mango, which I liked so much that I took it with me after the shoot :) The funny fact is that in my closet there is a Mango coat from the same collection - navy blue striped with men's cut. Except the price in the outlet is much more pleasant! In Mango I noticed interesting sweaters (which for me and you do not loose relevance during the whole year) and shirts.

And still, how beautiful it is here!

Let's move on to the second image. This time I was introduced to Mezzatorre, a brand new to me, where I found some very beautiful and stylish coats. One of them you can see on the pictures below - voluminous beige and white with short sleeves. Perfect for spring! The second one was left out - I had my eye on a black maxi coat, almost to the floor. It's more for autumn, but if you suddenly prepare your sledge in summer... Keep in mind!

I'm wearing:
Coat - Mezzatorre, 19,990 rubles.
Bag - Furla, 16,990 rubles
Pants - Mezzatorre, 7,995 rubles
Sweater - Mango, 1,999 rubles

Separately, a couple of words about Furla, whose store in the outlet is my main center of attraction :) I have bought exactly the same model here in December and I've got a million of questions about the name of the model and where it can be found in Moscow and in Europe. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the model and where it is sold in Europe, but in Moscow you can definitely find it in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha. And it comes in very beautiful colors: beige, soft pink, and sky blue. In fact, I advise you to visit Furla, there are a lot of great models here! It's a mystery how such beauty survives to discounts!

But the main mystery for our crew was this beautiful jacket by Kenzo. How did it survive to the outlet? And even in small size! Absolutely unique thing, and for me it is the main find of the day. The cold wind did not let us to uncover its full potential, but I can still see it over a flying chiffon dress! To look for such unique items of the famous couturier is to be found in multi-brand stores (for example Bosco). The prices will pleasantly surprise you :) 

I am wearing:
Jacket - Kenzo, (Bosco) 19,890 rubles (store price 56,830)

I hope you enjoyed our little review and are inspired to welcome spring with new ideas! We'll see you very soon!


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