Outlet Village Belaya Dacha. Summer 2017

07.05.2022 | Просмотров: 431

The other day we decided to go shopping at Outlet Village Belaya Dacha. The weather was sunny and we walked around a lot and took pictures.

Children like Outlet Village Belaya Dacha because there are not only stores and cafes, but also a children's playground.

By the way, from June 1 to 4, Outlet Village Belaya Dacha is expecting a Childhood Festival.

During these days the little dandies will enjoy discounts, gifts and pleasant surprises.

An animation team will work on playgrounds and all over the outlet, everyone can try the miracles of aqua make-up, take part in competitions, as well as get balloons and nice souvenirs.

The girls are wearing BEBA KIDS clothes

Kira: Tunic 2 499 rubles; pants 1 599 rubles; jacket 3 899 rubles.
Sofia: jacket 3 199 rubles; dress 1 799 rubles.

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha also has an indoor playground where you can leave your child to play while you shop.

And we just took advantage of this opportunity and walked around the outlet together with Seryozha.

Sergei: Paul Smith jacket 23,330 rubles; Paul Smith T-shirt 4,700 rubles.

I'm wearing: RED VALENTINO dress 15,280 rubles.

If you ask us about our favorite stores, we'll all say that one of our favorites is TOMMY HILFIGER. This store has everything for both adults and children of all ages.

Sergei: shorts 6,990 rubles; polo 5,90 rubles; sweater 4,890 rubles.
me: dress 18,790 rubles
Kira: polo 2,790 rubles; jeans 4,190 rubles; sneakers 1,545 rubles; sweatshirt 3,490 rubles; baseball cap 1,390 rubles
on Sofia: jumpsuit 2,790 rubles; jacket 5,590 rubles.

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