Artisanal dna and fashion appeal for footwear and accessories designed with passion.

Itis1910 when the Baldininifamily takes the first steps in the world of footwear, crafting by hand tailor-made pieces. To, the brand continues to combine its savoir-faire with a touch of ever-changing contemporary fashion.

The women’s and men’s collections are not limited to shoes, and come to include bags, travel accessories, small leather goods and a versatile selection of light outerwear too, all aligned with the renewed brand values.

The origins of the Italian company trace back to 1910, a period marked by the blossoming of multiple artisanal activities in the San Mauro Pascoli district, located in the Adriatic coastline, which turned from itinerant to sedentary over the years.

Baldinini was able to successfully overcome the imperceptible line between art and craftsmanship: a result that was achieved through the contribution of not only competent experts and collaborators, but also numerous skillful hands.

The current Baldinini consumer is a person who pays attention to quality and comfort and is particularly oriented to day wear and casual chic style without sacrificing fashion sense.

Baldinini’s range of women’s and men’s footwear and accessories collections are sold through a wide network of world-class own-brand boutiques. The approximately 88 Baldinini stores are located in the world’s top fashion cities. In Milan, Rome, Cannes, St Petersburg, Beijing, Moscow, Dubai and Baku are the company’s flagships store, where the brand’s messages are conveyed in continuously new and exciting ways.