Treat yourself to tasty snacks after successful shopping!
The Market at the central square of Outlet Village Belaya Dacha is an excellent choice for a quick bite in between purchases. Here you can satisfy your sweet tooth or have something more substantial.

Churros - a dessert of custard dough with a crispy crust and a soft heart. Thin sticks are deep fried and traditionally served with powdered sugar, cinnamon and chocolate.

Vanilla krutish - a sweet pastry cooked on the grill, popular in the countries of Central Europe. To make this dessert even tastier, more vanilla was added to the original recipe. Tasty dough coated with sugar, nuts, cinnamon or a bright sprinkle.

Far Eastern buns “Pyan-se” are steamed, which makes their cabbage and meat stuffing juicy and fragrant. Properly selected spices give it a unique taste, and the cooking method makes “Pyan-se” a light dish for snacking.

Hot dog - one of the obvious and best ways to satisfy hunger on the go. For fans of sausage rolls there are three types to select from at the Market: chicken, frankfurt or bavarian. Appetizing sauces and fillers from vegetables and crispy onions will make the popular snack more delicious.

Belgian waffles are a treat that is loved by sweet tooths around the world. Crisp waffles are served with slices of banana and coated with Nutella.

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, and do not forget to try original seasonal drinks.