GRUNGE JOHN ORCHESTRA. EXPLOSION - the first Russian brand bringing together technological cut, functionality and the best innovative materials in casual clothes.

GRUNGE JOHN ORCHESTRA. EXPLOSION garments combine history and advanced technologies. The philosophy of the brand can be briefly defined as "new urbanism": all items are highly functional, but each one has its own history and "character." GJO.E modern technologies combined with the original cut and unique colors, achieved through complex processes of dyeing.

Starting point of brand was in 2009, when its first small collection was released. A year later, the brand products first appeared on the market, and in October of 2011 Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion flagship store was opened in the historical center of Moscow on Nikitsky Boulevard. Since then, the brand began work with major multi-brand stores in Russia and abroad, technological parkas that are resistant to all weather conditions brought popularity to GJO.E. Since the foundation of the brand, all products made in Moscow.

Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion specializes in the manufacture of outerwear from practical and durable fabrics. The range of each collection includes outerwear, knitwear, denim, footwear and accessories. Rethinking iconic models of military and workwear brand produces a completely new product, adapted to the conditions of the modern city.

To achieve a unique look all garments are subjected to various methods of complex treatment after production: garment dyeing, multilevel dyeing by different colors and heating in special furnaces to high temperatures, when the fabric deforming and taking a monolithic form.

All items are made with unique 3D-cut technology, which repeats the form of the body, provides maximum comfort and doesn’t restrict movements.

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