"Poke" translates from Hawaiian as "cut": in essence, the dish is a "slicing" of everything that a person likes – or what lies on the shelves of his refrigerator.

 The classical interpretation of this dish implies the use of a minimum of products subjected to heat treatment: only rice, which serves as the basis, is boiled. In fact, poke is a kind of gastronomic constructor that gives unimaginable scope for imagination.

There are no strict prescription canons: other cereals can take the place of rice, fish is replaced with shrimp, meat, chicken, and pickled and fresh vegetables, nuts are used as additives.

Steamed baozi buns or simply bao are one of the most popular breakfasts in China. According to legend, baozi was invented in the third century AD by the famous Chinese commander, inventor, strategist and poet.

Unlike the same buuz and manti, the dough for baozi is yeast, and in the end it is really a soft bun with a juicy filling.

There are a great many fillings for baozi – mixtures of different types of stewed meat, chopped shrimp with fresh and pickled vegetables.


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